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 Older Adults/Caregivers
 About Delirium
 Preventing Confusion
 Avoid Confusion - 10 Tips
 Talking with Your Doctor
 Safety As You Go Home
 Hospitalization Happens
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For Older Adults & Caregivers

These materials adapt the fundamental principles and activities of the Hospital Elder Life Program for use by non-professionals. To view any of them, simply click on the topic.

Other Resources

As part of this website, we have developed both a short list of articles on delirium as well as a more extensive "searchable" bibliography on delirium and selected issues of importance in the hospitalization of older persons. You are welcome to review these resources, which you may do by clicking on "For Clinicians" on the left hand side of this page. These articles, however, were written by physicians and researchers for health care professionals and contain medical terminology that can be difficult to understand. Abstracts (or short summaries) are included where available, but copyright restrictions prevent us from including the full article. Most are available at medical libraries.